Our Tragedy
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On February 12th, 2008 at 9:30 AM my daughter called 911 for the Fire Department, 15 minutes after we went from the house to the kennel.

After attempts to rescue our beloved house pets we saved "Twix" and "Blush", the mother of 11 little boys in the family room. Trasher, Wrangler, Marley, Phurrie and Porsha, a boarder "Skippy", and our little boys succumbed to smoke.

For those interested you can follow the links below and they will guide you through the negatives and positives of that day.
Please go to the “NOAH”S WISH” page to view one of the positives from this day.
This is a dear friend of ours that has
made paintings of our dogs we lost in the fire. 
See if you can find them.

Heidi Mackenzie’s Pet Portraits
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