Noah's Wish
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There is always a positive in every negative if you look for it. 

Through our wonderful “Doggie” friends, the Maplelane Fire Fund was established.  Fortunately we were well insured.  Therefore we felt we needed to do something to balance the losses of our pets and bring forth a meaning to their deaths.  We are bringing a not for profit organization to Ontario called Noah’s Wish.  This organization is a pet rescue organization and will be the first of it’s kind in Ontario. Please check out their web site and make a donation to the fund to help this amazing charity/volunteer service
a success for Ontario. 

For those that may be interested in being part of this amazing group, we are looking for more volunteers.  Our first training session will be June 2009. 

Please contact Sherri for more info on this.

Well, a year later we are finally fullfilling our dream of carrying on the memory of our cherished dogs lost in our tragic fire.

We are pleased to announce that Noah's Wish will be entering Ontario!!

We need volunteers for the Ontario Chapter. Please let me know if you are interested in travelling the continent rescuing animals after natural disasters.

This is an amazingly professional team. Jennifer and I are already trained and are very excited to have such a wonderful opportunity,
SO SIGN UP FOLKS, or call Sherri for discussions.

See flyer for information here.
Some photos of us from training for Noah's Wish
Thank you so much to all those who helped with donations for the BC fires last year.  These are some of the photos from our deployment
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